Wednesday , May 31 2023

Police conduct successful John operation

In another sign of resurgent and pro-active policing in San Bernardino the police department on Thursday, April 15, released details of a recent operation aimed at curbing prostitution as an economist might say from the demand side of the equation.

According to a press release from the department:

“On Tuesday, April 13, at approximately 12:00 PM, the San Bernardino Police Department’s Vice Team and District Resource Officers conducted a street-level John and Prostitution Operation. The operation is part of an ongoing effort, through heavy presence and enforcement, to suppress human trafficking and prostitution in San Bernardino. The operation by targeting focused on the purchasers, “Johns” attempting to solicit prostitutes and prostitutes trying to solicit “Johns.” During the operation, officers arrested six suspects for violation of PC 647(b)(2) – (Sex Buyer) Solicitation for Prostitution, and an additional four suspects for violation of PC 647 (b)(1)-(Sex Seller) Solicitation for Prostitution. One female victim was rescued, one pimp investigated, and six vehicles were impounded.”

The police department immediately published the names and photographs of several of the “John’s” who were arrested and they are Juan Mateo, Daniel Hernandez, Morales, Anthony, Baggio, Marcus Bowman, Boram Kim and Jesus Navarette.

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