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Neighborhood Association Joins Opposition to High Density Sterling Apartments

Neighborhood Association Joins Opposition to High Density Sterling Apartments

The Neighborhood Association Council of San Bernardino (NAC), the umbrella organization representing San Bernardino Neighborhood Associations, has joined the Del Rosa Neighborhood Action Group, Belvedere Neighborhoods Association and the Pine Ridge Villas HOA in opposing the high-density Sterling Apartment project proposed for North San Bernardino.

According to board members, the opposition is primarily driven by the lack of notification of Neighborhood Associations to projects in the city including a recent County welfare office as well as the Sterling Apartments.

The Sterling Apartments rental complex is proposed on a 2.38-acre lot that is already partially developed inside the original boundaries of the Pine Ridge Villas condominium project.

According to residents, the proposed apartments would build a large wall between the developments cutting off legal shared access and eliminating existing parking and trash service to the condominiums that has existed for 40 years.

Residents have requested the city provide answers on how the parking and three existing trash dumpsters currently operating on the shared easement is to be replaced, but San Bernardino officials have not responded to multiple requests for resolution.

“Our objection isn’t to the development of the lot” said Pine Ridge Villas HOA President Mellace Thomson.  “We would support the construction of condominiums as part of our existing community, with the shared uses that were always intended and have existed for over 40 years.  Building 27 rental units inside our existing development and completely cutting off access and mutual use is not acceptable or in the best interests of our neighborhood or the city.”

Pine Ridge Villas was built in 1980 as a two-parcel development of privately owned, individual unit condos with the first 58 units built and sold at that time.  The lot proposed for the rental apartments was a part of the original Pine Ridge development that was left uncompleted due to the developer’s bankruptcy.

The lot was fully graded with perimeter fencing, retaining walls, water and sewer infrastructure, and fire suppression all designed for shared use within the to-be completed Pine Ridge Villas.

Currently, the parcel provides shared parking, emergency access, waste disposal/recycling facilities, and fire hydrants with the surrounding neighborhood as was intended by the reciprocal easement agreement in the Owner’s Certificate filed with the original recorded map.

The San Bernardino City Council is tentatively scheduled to hear the appeal of the complex on October 5th.

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  1. It’s good to have the SB News Daily. The Sun doesn’t bother to cover San Bernardino on important stories anymore like the city proposing more low income apartments that we don’t need.

  2. We do not need any more low income apartments in this city at all. It will only cause MORE PROBLEMS for residents to cope with. Please do not allow this to happen.