Sunday , April 14 2024
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Council needs to put citizens above petty politics

The San Bernardino City Council continues to put petty politics above the need to get sensible things done for the community.  In their zeal to deny their political opponent, Mayor John Valdivia, any victory on policy heading into the voting next week they again refused to take action on a vital issue that continues to put the health and safety of residents, transients and first-responders in the City at risk. It is only a matter of time before their refusal to take action on demolishing the Carousel Mall costs someone  their life.

Mayor John Valdivia’s motion to expedite the demolition of the Carousel Mall was thwarted Wednesday, June 1, after all but one of his colleagues declined to back his pitch to level the place as soon as possible.

Nearly a month  after a three-alarm fire broke out at the Carousel Mall, and after no action was suggested by anyone else at the City, Valdivia on Wednesday sought to expedite the demolition of the public safety menace and only Councilman Juan Figueroa supported the proposal.

All of the other council members chose to grind political axes rather than take the necessary action to protect the citizens of the City of San Bernardino.  The Carousel Mall is eventually going to be demolished.  The longer it stands the longer it represents a hazard.  The only thing that the once vibrant mall has going for it now is it is a great place to dump a body.

Apparently the council members in San Bernardino, with the exception of the Mayor and council member Figueroa think that is great reason to keep it standing.

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