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CSUSB to name College of Education after philanthropists

San Bernardino Valley College receives grant from Stater Bros. Charities

San Bernardino Valley College recently received a $5,000 grant from Stater Bros. Charities that will benefit first-year Valley Bound Commitment (VBC) students by offering financial assistance to cover enrollment costs and fees, as well as support basic needs scholarships.

Since its inception in 2008, the VBC program has evolved from a pilot initiative for 31 students to an award-winning program that has significantly contributed to the academic success of hundreds of Inland Empire residents.

SBVC Foundation Director Michael Layne explained, “When a student completes a degree or certificate program at any level of college, they are much more likely to access a higher wage job down the road and experience improved conditions of mental, social and emotional well-being, which is one of the broader and meaningful impacts San Bernardino Valley College has brought to our local communities.”

Layne added that the funding will help ensure VBC can continue serving students for years, even as funding needs evolve or fluctuate.

“The grants from Stater Bros. Charities may also help the Foundation facilitate partnership opportunities and collaborations with other organizations and stakeholders in the community,” Layne said. “These partnerships can help leverage additional resources and support for the program, further enhancing its impact and reach. Ultimately, the Stater Bros. Charities grant will support the VBC program and help sustain its operations, expand its reach and continue to serve our students effectively.”

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