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Election season is upon us, who will be on the ballot?

It’s that time again. Filings, signs, shaking hands and kissing babies – must be election season. During this cycle San Bernardino residents will be voting June 7 for Mayor and Council Wards 1, 2 and 4.

In county-wide races and higher office, you’ll have the Superintendent of Schools, Auditor-Controller, Sheriff, Congressional Districts 23 and 33, and State Assembly Districts 45 and 50.

Last week the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters released a preliminary list of candidates for each race while the official list will come from the Secretary of State’s office on April 1st. Here is who you can expect to see on your primary ballot:

San Bernardino Mayor

  • Helen Tran
  • John Valdivia (incumbent)
  • Mohammad Khan
  • Treasure Ortiz
  • James F. “Jim” Penman
  • Gabriel Jaramillo
  • Henry Gomez Nickel

First Ward

  • Theodore Sanchez (incumbent)
  • Gil Botello

Second Ward

  • Terry Elliott Ward
  • Sandra Ibarra (incumbent)

Fourth Ward

  • Fred Shorett (incumbent)
  • Teresa Parra Craig
  • Vince Laster

County Superintendent of Schools

  • Ted Alejandre (incumbent)
  • Ken Larson

Auditor-Controller / Treasurer / Tax Collector

  • Ensen Holmes Mason (incumbent)
  • John Ziegenhohn

Sheriff / Coroner / Public Administrator

  • Shannon Dicus (incumbent)
  • Clifton Lee Harris

23rd Congressional District

  • Jay Obernolte, Republican (incumbent)
  • Derek Marshall, Democrat
  • Blanca A. Gomez, Democrat

33rd Congressional District

  • Pete Aguilar, Democrat (incumbent)
  • Rex Gutierrez, Republican
  • John Mark Porter, Republican
  • Greg Prescott, Republican
  • Ernest H. Richter, Republican

45th Assembly District

  • Joseph “Joe” W. Martinez, Republican
  • James C. Ramos, Democrat (incumbent)

50th Assembly District

  • Rodgir Cohen, Libertarian
  • Sheela Stark, Republican
  • Eloise Gomez Reyes, Democrat (incumbent)

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  1. From a person that has been voting since 1980, seeing the fake ballots, illegals voting, I will never vote again, its clear, the candidate and the winner has already been decided. The come out and vote agenda is simply making the public think they have a choice.