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Claims of animal abuse debunked following police investigation

Claims of animal abuse debunked following police investigation

Accusations of animal abuse leveled against the San Bernardino Animal Services Department by an activist in Beverly Hills has been debunked following an investigation by the San Bernardino Police Department.

The City of San Bernardino is calling upon the Kris Kelly Foundation to remove from its social media a debunked claim accusing the city’s Animal Services Department of abusing a pit bull – mastiff mix at its shelter. As a result of the posts, threats have been made against the Shelter and its staff.

The San Bernardino Police Department investigated the claim and did not find evidence of animal cruelty.  The investigation determined that the photos of the dog posted on Kelly’s social media were reversed chronologically, leading to the claim the dog’s condition was worsening, while in fact, it was improving.

Following Kelly’s post, San Bernardino Animal Service Department staff have received multiple threats, and the Shelter was put on lock down to ensure their safety. The city says additional security measures have had to be implemented at the Shelter.

The San Bernardino Police Department is currently investigating the threats.

Ultimately, the city said the animal had to be euthanized based upon the aggressive behavior displayed in both the community and at the Shelter, and following a series of veterinary and behavioral assessments, it was determined that the dog did not meet the safety requirements for adoption.

On January 11, Animal Services Department sent out messages to its network of 247 partner rescue organizations for high-risk canines to find a home for the dog. However, no one was willing to take it. The pit bull was humanely euthanized on January 18.

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