Saturday , December 2 2023
Mobile app shows kids what a career in health care is like

Mobile app shows kids what a career in health care is like

A new mobile app created in partnership between San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS) and Skillsgapp introduces students to the settings, skills and opportunities of the health care industry.

The free app, available on iOS and Google Play app stores, is tailored for middle and high school students. Users play mini games that simulate real health care tasks such as dressing wounds, administering vaccines and building nutritious meals.

“As our young students plan for their futures, ‘Healing Agent’ is the perfect opportunity for them to get a sense of what a career in healthcare could look like,” said County Superintendent Ted Alejandre.

In “Healing Agent” users play the role of a newly hired agent who must take on primary care or acute care missions. Within the two mission themes, there are eight unique rooms that include senior care, pediatrician’s office, intensive care and diagnostic lab. Users will practice soft skills that are critical for health care professionals, identify key terminology and learn the basics of topics like biology, hygiene, anatomy, and nutrition.

The app also provides information about the simulated jobs including real-life salaries and guidance on how to pursue the career path locally.

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