Sunday , June 23 2024
Stater Bros turns to tech solutions to reduce out-of-stocks

Stater Bros turns to tech solutions to reduce out-of-stocks

Stater Bros. Markets is taking additional steps to ensure that the products customers want are available when they need them.

About a year ago, Stater Bros. turned to ReposiTrak to help reduce out-of-stocks, particularly in the direct store delivery (DSD) categories which were the most problematic. Now, after a substantial reduction, Stater Bros. is expanding the program to include more of its DSD suppliers.

“Stater Bros. is committed to offering the best customer experience possible, and that includes making sure every product is available, every time shoppers visit our stores or website,” said Dennis McIntyre, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Stater Bros. Markets. “With the results we’ve seen so far, we’re excited to expand the program to better serve our customers’ expectations.”

ReposiTrack’s OOS Management Solution uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze store data and gives suppliers information by store, route and SKU on what products need replenishment to keep store shelves well-stocked.

“Stater Bros. is an incredible brand known for its top quality, fresh foods and a dedication to customer service. Their commitment to the customer is obvious every time you enter a store, and it’s that same commitment that led Stater Bros. to our out-of-stock management solution. With Stater Bros.’ leadership, ReposiTrak’s technology and insights, and the collaboration of the DSD vendors, we’ve demonstrated success and we’re excited to build off that,” said Randy Fields, Chairman and CEO of ReposiTrak.

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