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Nonprofit holds event to introduce youth to careers in aviation

Nonprofit holds event to introduce youth to careers in aviation

The nonprofit Shades of Blue, along with partners from local aerospace agencies, hosted a two-day symposium earlier this month to provide children with early exposure to the aviation industry.

The symposium, held at the San Bernardino International Airport, was designed to not only introduce young people to the field of aviation, but also provide a pathway to a career in that field.

The 2-day event included hands-on demonstrations with robotics and airplane simulators, career overviews from pilots, flight instructors air traffic controllers, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents, and flight schools.

According to airline industry projections, in the next 25 years, there will be a worldwide shortage of 804,000 pilots, 914,000 flight attendants, and 769,000 aircraft mechanics and technicians.

Shades of Blue was founded by retired United Captain Willie Daniels as a way of passing on the same career opportunity he had to future generations. The aviation training program builds a foundation for young people interested in aviation and aerospace careers. The program tracks its students from middle school through college, helps them obtain their pilots license and navigate the airline’s hiring process. NASA pilot Victor Glover is one of the organization’s most notable members.

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