Saturday , July 2 2022

SB County Fire reminds residents to be prepared for fires

As a part of fire readiness week, the San Bernardino County Fire Department, (SBCoFD) is reminding residents of the Red Flag Community Notification program. When conditions for extreme fire danger arise and the National Weather Service posts a Fire Weather Watch or a Red Flag Warning, residents will see a red flag flown below the American Flag at all SBCoFD stations within the affected area.

“The Red Flag Warning program is designed to enhance public safety by providing a visual reminder that extreme fire conditions are predicted or present,” stated Fire Chief Dan Munsey. “This program is another tool in reaching out to communities during Red Flag Warnings and asking them to take extra precautions.”

Along with the Red Flag Warning program, SBCoFD also encouraging residents to become familiar with and implement their own Ready! Set! Go! plan. “This program is about helping residents understand how their home’s location, surrounding vegetation, construction elements, and other factors place them at risk during a wildfire,” Fire Marshal Mike Horton stated.

Residents are encouraged to be prepared by:

  • Having fire extinguishers on hand and train family members how to use them (check expiration dates regularly).
  • Ensuring that your family knows where your gas, electric, and water main shut-off controls are located and how to safely shut them down in an emergency.
  • Assembling an Emergency Supply Kit for each person.
  • Keeping a list of emergency contact numbers posted near your phone and in your emergency supply kit.
  • Keeping an extra Emergency Supply Kit in your car in case you cannot get to your home because of fire or other emergency.
  • Having a portable radio or scanner so you can stay updated on the fire.

SBCoFD is also asking residents to be their eyes and ears. If you see smoke or someone doing something that potentially can start a fire, call 9-1-1 and report it immediately. Suspicious activity related to arson can be reported anonymously by calling the We-Tip hotline at 1-800-47-ARSON or visiting

For more information or how to be better prepared for fire danger, visit

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