Saturday , July 2 2022

Regional food bank distributes 20 million meals in 2019-20

Feeding America Riverside | San Bernardino (FARSB), the regional food bank of the Inland Empire, has released its 2019-2020 Annual Report to highlight their financial standing amid COVID-19 pandemic, the greatest need for food assistance since the Great Depression.

CEO of FARSB, Stephanie Otero, said “Our mission is deeply rooted in supporting the community, and our annual report is a true transparent view of the work we’ve done, and the path we are headed. While the pandemic produced many challenges and hit sectors that directly impacted our ability to obtain needed food, we adapted to the shift and are proud of the great strides we’ve made towards creating sustainable solutions to food insecurity in our community.”

FARSB is one of the groups fighting against hunger by providing access to relief, education, and food. They concluded the 2020 year with having served 1.8 million individuals, distributed 24 million pounds of food, and provided over 20 million meals to local families facing food-insecurity during the 2019–2020 fiscal year.

Today, FARSB has sourced food to over 200 Inland Empire nonprofit organizations, which give out over two million pounds of food a month. These charity partners make up the largest relief organization in the IE by helping over 1.2 million people every year. To learn more, visit

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