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Cafe Orangix has original vegan food

Cafe Orangix has original vegan food, even if you aren’t

San Bernardino has a growing diversity of restaurants.  Some have been here for generations and some are just getting started.  This week, we decided to try a new restaurant on Hospitality Lane that serves ONLY Vegan food.

Let’s face facts.  By now we all know someone in our family or circle of friends that is vegetarian, if not completely vegan.  So, it’s a good idea to find restaurants that cater to those dietary restraints, especially if their cuisine will also please you or your non-vegetarian/vegan friends.

Well, we found it!  Café Organix on Hospitality Lane serves exclusively vegan meals that even the heartiest carnivore will enjoy.  Located in the mall next to TGI Friday’s, this corner café offers a full line of non-alcoholic drinks, coffee, teas and a juice bar along with a full menu of salads, sandwiches, burger and tacos.  All vegan of course.

I ordered the Loaded Nachos with Beyond Meat crumbles and was pleasantly surprised by the serving size and especially the flavor.  The portions were generous and the serrano peppers gave the nachos a real spicy kick that I was not expecting.

Along with the beyond meat recipes, Café Organix also uses jackfruit as a meat substitute in their recipes, which I am looking forward to trying in their tacos on my next visit.

Whether you are a vegan or a committed carnivore, you will be pleased with the great food at Café Organix.  It’s a great place with good service and friendly and patient staff that is more than happy to answer any of your questions, and I am certain they get many.

Cafe Orangix original vegan food

Café Organix
420 East Hospitality Lane, Suite A10
San Bernardino, CA 92408
(909) 963-2911

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