Friday , January 28 2022

Dealership Uses Innovative Artificial Intelligence Marketing Approach and Finds Success

A local auto dealer, Toyota of San Bernardino has seized on the emerging AI technologies to increase the effectiveness of its digital marketing campaigns.  This makes San Bernardino one of the first markets in North America to use the AI approach to digital auto-dealership marketing crafted by Kennedy Intelligence Data (KID) with its partner SQREEM Technologies Pte. Ltd. Of Singapore.

Kennedy Intelligence Data (KID) with its partner SQREEM Technologies Pte. Ltd. developed and executed a program for Toyota of San Bernardino with its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology to increase the success of the dealership’s digital advertising campaigns.  The results were so successful that a larger program is being prepared to test the KID approach over a greater network of Toyota dealerships.

“Working with KID and SQREEM was and is an eye opening experience.  We got a close up look at the new permutations of advertising through digital platforms using AI,” said Cliff Cummings, President and Dealer Principal, Toyota of San Bernardino. “We saw increased traffic to our sites and there were very clear indications that in the areas where we focused this campaign that our penetration of the market saw marked increase.”

Though the exact details are not being released, for competitive reasons, KID would go on the record to say they will be doing a larger program that will include multiple Toyota dealerships in the Southern California region.

Kennedy Intelligent Data, Inc. (KID) is a subsidiary of Marketing Group, Inc. (KMG) which was founded in 2011 and is a full service data driven national marketing agency that provides cutting edge, state of the art sales and marketing campaigns, via direct communications for businesses nationwide, with a focus on Franchised Automotive Dealerships.  James Kennedy the President and CEO has been in the direct marketing field helping auto dealers for more than thirty years and is an established leader in that industry.

“We are happy for the success KID/SQREEM AI provided Cliff Cummings and his Auto Group, and we look forward to doing the same for all the Toyota dealerships in the Southern California region.” said James Kennedy President and CEO of Kennedy Intelligent Data.

SQREEM for their part were glad to see that the partnership with KID, which is strategically important due to the reach KID has in North America in the auto marketing arena, is paying quick dividends.

“As an AI-run digital media company, SQREEM has developed a world-first cookie-free media buying tech stack, that is now showing demonstrably better conversions than the traditional cookie-based approach. I am now very confident SQREEM will revolutionize digital media buying, especially in the new cookie-free era, the SQREEM approach is now proven to be a viable alternative to FLoC methodologies”  said Ian Chapman-Banks co-founder and CEO of SQREEM.

The increase of data privacy laws and the phasing out of third party cookies are altering consumer digital marketing.  The evolution to AI that does not use cookies or bots is a major step in the online marketplace.

Apple technology is aggressively protecting their users from being tracked and targeted using cookies and other technology.   Add this to Western European countries that are looking very closely at regulating consumer tracking technologies and AI looks like a future solution to a looming marketing problem.

“The digital marketing world is constantly evolving at a dizzying pace and KID and SQREEM are on the edge of that evolution,” said Cummings.  “What is a new approach, an emerging technology a year, six months, a month ago can be obsolete very quickly.  We are pleased to be working with a company that is at the edge of that evolution of tactics in the digital world.”

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