Friday , July 1 2022

Build a Scoop joins Mayor on Morning Brew

In his most recent community update video Mayor John Valdivia welcomed Build a Scoop to San Bernardino.  The owner of Build a Scoop, an upscale and hip take on the ice cream shop, Amanda Contreras joined the mayor on the most recent episode of “Morning Brew with Mayor John Valdivia.”

The mayor asked her where she came up with the concept for the restaurant.  Amanda explained that during the height of the pandemic she drove around the region and noticed that there were groups of people often gathered around ice cream stores.  After tasting in here estimation 250 scoops of ice cream from many different ice cream shops she settled on the idea of an “experiential” gelato shop.

According to some psychologists during troubled times, like the pandemic, people turn to the familiar and things that bring back good memories. For many people the ice cream shop experience is tied to positive memories of childhood, vacations by the beach and other comforting thoughts so it is natural that during the pandemic they turned to these places in large numbers.

This gelato experience is unlike many others as the product is made in front of you using nitrogen in fusion to freeze the custard and the process is as much as the show as is the ice cream itself.  Customers are encouraged to join others in the moment through posting pictures and videos to social media on their feeds and that of Build a Scoop while they are there.

Build a Scoop is located at 424 East Hospitality Lane B7.

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